Advertising Services

Advertise your truck, trailer or cart for sale on our site and reach millions of prospective buyers.

No other website, or any other advertising medium for that matter, can bring you the targeted exposure delivers. Your next sale can be just a few clicks away!

Why advertise on Here are just a few of the 15,000 reasons.

Top ten listing in all the major search engines and directories - Google™, Bing™, Yahoo™, etc. -- for relevant search terms.

Over 15,000 UNIQUE visitors per month!

90% of our visitors view our Used Trucks Page each month.

Countless calls and emails per month inquiring about used trucks for sale or rent!

Over 1,000 external links pointing to our site, bringing in even more prospective customers to your listing.

One full page professionally designed and dedicated to your product, complete with photo slideshow, direct contact information and additional links to sites or email addresses of your choice. Your truck, trailer or cart will have its own complete page within the most highly visited industry website on the planet.

Six-month listing with free hosting! Your page will be online for six months from the date it goes live with no monthly charges, hosting fees or additional costs. If your product sells before that time, simply let us know and we'll take down your listing for you. Furthermore, each and every Email and Online Information Request Form related to your advertised product will be forwarded directly and instantly to you and will not be read by anyone else ( personnel and/or its agents will NOT have access to your emails). You won't have to worry about any delays or middlemen ever.

No Hidden Costs: No commission, no hidden charges, no finders fee no monthly hosting costs. Image enhancement, copy composition, multiple image and diagram listing, limited graphic design services and inclusion of full contact information are all included in the basic advertising package -- all at No extra charge. No other site offers so much at such a low rate.

Fast, friendly and affordable: $250.00 $150.00 (promotion expires December 31, 2013) for a six-month listing. Most pages can be designed and online within 24 to 48 hours of placing your order and upon receipt of payment. Our webmaster and graphic designers will work with you to ensure your product is advertised as professionally and attractively as possible.

Premium Listings*

  •  Custom Product Inquiry Forms designed with questions and form fields dictated by you.
    • You can ask for any and all information you need to make an informed decision as to which prospect to pursue and who to prioritize for your callbacks and email replies. You won't waste time dealing with casual inquiries -- only serious buyers.
  • Custom email address for the duration of your listing.
    • Use a safe and secure email address and prevent your personal email address from filling with junk mail.
  • Top tier listing retention; your listing will remain at the top of the classifieds list within a dedicated Premium Section and will not drop down as more listings post.

*Additional costs apply. Contact us today to learn more about Premium Listings.

Advertising Service Rate Schedule & Terms of Use ("ASRSTU")