Gourmet Food Trucks

Nay sayers deemed them a fad, but Gourmet Food Trucks can now be found in more and more metro areas throughout the United States and even abroad. Gourmet Food Truck kitchens average 18' in length and are furnished with client-specific equipment for moderate to high volume fare. So whether you're looking to serve a take on an old classic or a creative fusion of flavors, Armenco's gourmet food trucks can help make your vision a reality and bring your distinct food to the masses.


Quick Specs

Kitchen Length: 18' to 20'+
Bumper to Bumper Length: 26' to 30'+
Width: 93"
Height: 11'
19,000 to 25,500
Fuel Type
Gasoline or diesel
Gourmet street food
Special events
Moderate to high volume
Specialty food service