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sample imageJanuary 2014, North Hollywood, CA - Having manufactured the first ten units of The Melt's mobile fleet, Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. was given the distinct honor of being selected as their 2013 Vendor of the Year

Over the course of a year, ten school-bus based custom mobile kitchens were manufactured for The Melt's mobile fleet launch.  Numerous platform-specific challenges and client design changes were encountered and overcome/met resulting in a fine-tuned mobile food truck fleet capable of replicating their brick and mortar fare.  Coupled with complete wireless IT capability, real-time remote video and data feeds, the mobile units have allowed the Melt's instantly recognizable and unique fleet to traverse and serve from Orange County to Berkeley and expand their menu offerings and penetrate new markets while expanding upon their well-established brand identity.  We look forward to another year of continued involvement with The Melt and welcome the privilege of working with the amazing individuals who all play a vital role in the company.


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