Planning and Design Services

Armenco offers full design services for all types of mobile food units including:

Detailed schematics worthy of framing

Professionally drafted floor plans, schematics and diagrams of your truck, trailer or cart. Ideal for proposals, plan-check submissions and future refurbishment efforts, Armenco's expertly drafted plans and blueprints will meet all of your design needs.

Provide investors with detailed floor-plans and schematics of the proposed unit for business plans and capital venture requests.

Save time and money by submitting professionally drafted plans to your Health and Housing Departments for approval prior to manufacture.

Keep your truck or trailers blueprints on file for future refurbishment or title transfer/sale.

Many cities, states and counties require submission of detailed plans for catering trucks, trailers and mobile food carts prior to licensing for operation. Armenco's seasoned team of designers and industry professionals provide complete plan design, composition and submission services at affordable rates.

All plans are professionally drafted using the latest Computer Assisted Design software and include detailed illustrations of the entire unit including:

 As requirements vary from location to location, the number of pages composed, degree of involvement and level of detail needed can also vary.

Please note, due to patent and copyright issues, we cannot provide copies of plans for individual use except when plans are composed for pre-existing units. All plans and blueprints drafted by Armenco personnel for purposes of manufacture remain the property of Armenco and are submitted only to authorized agencies for purposes of review and issuance of health permits, business licenses and/or financing. Plans are kept on file for future use should you require resubmission or alteration.

Please refer to the various links throughout our site to view and print basic floor plans of our catering trucks, motion picture trucks and craft service trailers for your personal use. These plans cannot be duplicated nor used in the manufacture of a mobile food vehicle, cart or trailer without the prior written consent of Armenco and are to be used for reference purposes only.

Please call 800-77ARMENCO to learn more about our plan composition and design services and to obtain a quote.