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Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. is committed to protecting your privacy and security and wants to provide you with the best possible online experience. We respect our users' rights to privacy. You may visit our Web site without revealing your identity or any personal information. The only information we retain is the information you explicitly provide us when you fill out a form or send an email. Special Note regarding Email: Electronic mail, known popularly as “email”, is NOT a secure and fully private communications service. Without using extra measures, email is unencrypted and can be read by anyone who can open your electronic mailbox, such as system administrators, or anyone who can capture your transmissions as they travel across the Internet, such as malicious hackers who are snooping for unencrypted account names and passwords. Please note: This lack of security concerning email is NOT site-specific but holds true for ALL email generated and sent via the internet. Emails originating and sent within internal networks or intranets (such as networks used within a given organization with no links or access to external or public systems) are generally safe from interception and viewing by individuals outside of the network; intranet email transmission and receipt is restricted to internal use and cannot be used to communicate via the internet to, by or between parties outside the given network.

Please note that email and "forms" are not the same; forms can and typically are quite secure. Furthermore, the information is used solely for purposes mutually intended and agreed upon by both parties, namely as a means of obtaining additional pricing or specifications of our products. Information you provide on our forms is never shared, rented, sold, leased, traded nor used for any purpose other than that originally intended and mutually agreed upon. Because we value our users' privacy, any personal information collected on a user is considered private and we do not share it without permission from the user. Furthermore, we only use the information you provide for the purpose originally and mutually intended. When you visit our Web site, we may collect and store information on the domain you use to access our site, the URL of the site from which you linked directly to this site, and the date and time of your visit. This information is used to measure the number of visitors to the various pages on our site and to analyze trends and statistics. Such demographic information contains nothing that is unique to your personal identification. The information provided by users is used to enhance our customer service and website in general, to meet the needs of our users and to reply to product inquiries. We do not collect or store any unique information about you (such as your name, address, email address, phone number, etc.) except when you specifically and knowingly provide such information, such as when you complete a form and click the radio button marked "yes" in response to the question, "Would you like to be notified of future product/pricing updates?" before submitting the form or when you make an email request for a brochure or related information.

Note: Users are entitled to opt out from any mailing list subscriptions, if any, at any time by contacting Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. via telephone at (818) 768-0400 Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 5:00PM PST, via fax at (818) 768-1286, mail: 11819 Vose Street, North Hollywood, California 91605 or Email. Simply contact us and advise us that you no longer wish to receive future product and pricing updates. Unless explicitly stated, Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. uses all collected information solely for internal purposes; in other words, we do not sell, rent, lease or trade user information to any third party. Any and all information provided to us by users who complete our Information Request Forms is viewed only by our system administrator, webmaster and customer service supervisor for purposes of answering product and service inquiries only and/or forwarding brochures when requested. In the future, we may elect to sell NON-PERSONAL identification information, or demographics, to a third party or parties. Such non-personal information does not contain any personally identifiable information about users but merely provides general comparison information related to frequency of usage by geographic location and search engine referrals; statistics related to viewing time and link/page popularity; connectivity analyses, such as ISPs and OS most used to access our site. To reiterate, this non-personal information is used internally to optimize and enhance our site for the benefit of our visitors viewing site content. Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. will never sell your personal identification information, or otherwise share it with others. Additionally, measures are taken to secure your information from others that might attempt nefarious deeds.

If you visit another site linked from any of our pages but existing outside of our domain, you are leaving our site, and we cannot be held responsible for any information that may be gathered at a linked site. We make every effort however, to ensure that all linked sites follow similar privacy policies as ours to offer you maximum security and privacy, but ultimately, we cannot guarantee the ethics, privacy policies or the content of linked sites. If you have any concerns or difficulties resulting from your visiting a linked site, please advise us so that we may review the site in question and determine if it should be removed from our links page.

Important Note Regarding Pop-Up Advertising and Your Privacy: Many commercial websites and Internet Service Providers engage in questionable practices, whereby commercially viable user information is retrieved and stored without consent. Some companies go so far as to covertly hi-jack the web-browsers of unsuspecting internet surfers to inconspicuously and maliciously contact numerous sites and collect said information. As a protective means, we suggest downloading and using preventative anti-virus, anti-spyware/malware programs.  Please be aware that neither Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. nor its agents assume any responsibility for any damages which may arise directly or indirectly out of your accessing, downloading/installing/executing any programs or software.

Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. may review this Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy and we may decide to change it from time to time. When we do change it, we will make every effort to notify our users of the changes.

 Terms of Use: By accessing any portion of this Service and/or website, including but not limited to the home page, sub pages, linked images, virtual tours, slideshows and/or external links, you agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement contained herein. For purposes of this Agreement, "Service" shall refer to any and all information, data, images and resources contained within the website as well as the accessing, downloading from or uploading to the website and/or any of its sub pages and/or by completing and submitting Product/Service Inquiry Forms or emails to Provider. "User" shall refer to you and/or any individual(s) utilizing your IP address to access said Service. "Provider" shall refer to Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc., it's officers, agents, representatives, webmaster, site/network administrators and/or hosting company. User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Provider against any and all damages which may arise out of the direct or indirect use of the Service. User agrees that all text, data, images and information contained herein, except otherwise stated, are the sole copyrighted property of Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. and that no portion of the Service may be reproduced, distributed or retransmitted without the prior written consent of Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Provider against any and all damages which may arise out of errors or omissions in information, including but not limited to pricing and availability, fitness for a specific purpose or guarantee of performance. User agrees and accepts that pricing for products and services may not reflect the most current pricing and that although Provider will take all steps possible to ensure accurate and correct pricing, descriptions and specifications, said information may change and not be reflected within the Service, its website and/or literature in a timely manner and that inconsistencies may arise from time to time. User further agrees that no portion of this website and/or Service shall be deemed in any manner to represent a binding purchase agreement, fixed sale price or transaction authorization. Any and all purchase agreements must be made in writing and signed by both parties involved prior to any pricing for a product or service to be fixed. Provider does not provide any guarantees or warranties for products or services advertised and/or provided by third parties through the Service. Should you disagree with any portion of this Agreement, your sole remedy is to discontinue use of the Service. User agrees that all text, data, images and the Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. trade name, logo, Quality and Service Since 1977™ and Quality and Service First™ are the property of Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. and no portion of this website nor its contents may be reproduced or retransmitted in whole or in part without prior written consent. User further agrees that any and all third-party trade/business names images and/or copyrighted material are the properties of their respective owners and that Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. does not make any claims to ownership, rights to title, guarantees, warranties or statements of fitness or endorsement for a particular purpose in whole or in part on behalf of any such trade/business name, owners, companies, organizations or individuals. References made to third party products and services are made solely for informational purposes.

User further agrees: Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. assumes no responsibility for claims made by third parties advertising used vehicles, carts, trailers or other equipment via Armenco further assumes no liability for any sales, offers or transactions, financial or otherwise, resulting from third-party advertisements and/or any consequences, direct or indirect, thereof. Armenco does not make any claims nor representations on behalf of advertisers; does not endorse reliability or guarantee performance of vehicles or equipment advertised herein; does not warrant fitness of items listed for sale by third parties within the "Used/Classified Section" for a specific purpose; and does not provide any warranties for used trucks, trailers, carts or other such units or equipment unless otherwise explicitly stated in writing of a non-digital format, on official company letterhead. Pricing and specifications subject to change without notification. Additional costs not listed may apply. Inquiries related to specifications, pricing and details of listed items should be made to the individual(s) listing the item(s) in question and whose contact information is typically provided within the given listing. All other inquiries may be forwarded to Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. via telephone, email or postal mail.

By utilizing the above defined Service, you agree that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy contained herein. If you disagree with any portion of the Terms of Use Agreement and/or Privacy Policy, related terms, or conditions, your sole remedy is to discontinue use of the Service. Provider does not assume any liability for damages arising directly or indirectly out of the use, misuse or neglect related to this Service; including but not limited to informational inconsistencies, computer viruses, adverse system performance and interception of or retransmission of information. No part of this Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy shall be considered acceptance of responsibility or liability by or on behalf of Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. for any damages arising out of direct or indirect use of the Service. In the event that any portion of the Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy Agreement is revised and/or deemed inapplicable, unlawful or unbinding, all other portions, terms and conditions and agreements shall continue to remain in effect and binding as permitted by law. If you have questions about our Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy, please e-mail and cc the webmaster at using "Terms of Use/Privacy Policy" in the subject of your email.