Multi-Use Pizza/Churro Cart

A time-tested design with a Twist!
Dimensions :104" L x 30" W x 83.25" H  | GVWR: N/A. | Motive : Push/Pull

Although labeled a pizza cart, this unit can also cook and hold churros, chicken, meats and a variety of other foods.  Idealy suited for high volume theme park environments, the cart is as rugged as it is attractive. The unibody stainless steel construction and bumpers will help keep it looking and working like new for years.

  • Unibody stainless steel construction throughout
  • Stainless steel hand wash sink with hot/cold mixing faucet, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser and splash guard
  • 20-gallon potable water tank
  • 30-gallon waste water tank with gate valve
  • Programmable Matchbox Oven
  • Under counter refrigerator
  • Heated display case with thermostat control
  • 120V NSF-listed water pump
  • Water pump on/off toggle switch
  • Water heater remote operation switch
  • 125 Amp breaker panel
  • Utensil drawer
  • Storage cabinets
  • Six swiveling heavy duty casers
  • Push/pull handles and footrest/bumper
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