Sink Cart

A time-tested design with a Twist!
Dimensions: 82" L x 30" W x 40" H  | GVWR: N/A. | Motive : Push/Pull

Ideal for use as a modular component within a multi-component kiosk based system or used as a standalone complement to on-site catering, Armenco's self-contained sink cart is fully-equipped for remote/on-site ware washing and hand washing capabilities.

  • Stainless steel three compartment utensil sink with hot/cold mixing faucet, drainboards and splash guard
  • Stainless steel hand wash sink with hot/cold mixing faucet, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser and splash guard
  • 20-gallon potable water tank
  • 30-gallon waste water tank with gate valve
  • Quick connect water inlet
  • 3-gallon electric water heater
  • 120V NSF-listed water pump
  • Water pump on/off toggle switch
  • Water heater remote operation switch
  • 125 Amp breaker panel
  • Push/pull handles and footrest/bumper
  • Constructed of 304#4 stainless steel through with uni-body frameless construction for ease of mobility and durability
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  • Armenco Sink Cart
  • Armenco Sink Cart
  • Armenco Sink Cart
  • Armenco Sink Cart