Motion Picture Catering Trucks

Armenco's trucks have been serving cast and crew for nearly four decades!

Show business is tough. Especially when it comes to reputation. You must be reliable, dependable and willing to go wherever and whenever the need arises. You must be confident, competent and efficient enough to deal with hundreds of hungry cast and crew-members. With no room for mistakes nor delays...only the best will do. These are the very qualities imbued within each and every Motion Picture Catering Truck and Trailer manufactured by Armenco. Our trucks tread the thin line between brawn and brains, with muscle to carry the heaviest of loads and intelligent design to serve hundreds efficiently. It's no surprise that Armenco's Motion Picture Catering Trucks and Trailers are the Stars of the Industry.

26' Production Catering Kitchen

Photo of Motion Picture Catering Truck
  • Fully Equipped High Volume Catering Kitchen

22' Production Catering Kitchen

Photo of production catering truck
  • The first of a fleet of branded mobile units

26' Motion Picture Catering Truck

Google Location Catering Truck
  • Large footprint. Fully equipped. High volume.