Taco Cart

Taco Push Cart
Dimensions :104" L x 30" W x 83.25" H  | GVWR: N/A. | Motive : Push/Pull

Intended for on-site catering or as an adjunct to an existing brick and mortar, this cart can produce tacos, burgers, gyros, breakfasts and much more.

  • Unibody stainless steel construction throughout
  • Large vertical broiler
  • Large stainless steel steam table with capacity of 3-full sized pans equipped with latching safety lid and cutting board
  • 18" x 18" stock pot burner
  • 36" wide flat top griddle
  • Under counter storage and shelving
  • Tempered glass sneeze guard
  • LED lighting
  • Shore power connectivity
  • Dedicated vented LP tank compartment for two 5-gallon tanks
  • Six swiveling heavy duty casers
  • Push/pull handles
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